12 Mighty Orphans
Is the truth left on the sidelines in this story of a football coach who leads a group of orphans to victory?
12 Strong
A U.S. Special Forces team works with an Afghan warlord to take down the Taliban. Starring Chris Hemsworth.
12 Years a Slave
Is this unflinching tale of slavery shackled by fiction?
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
Meet the real-life secret soldiers.
The 15:17 to Paris
Is this Clint Eastwood movie more accurate because the heroes portray themselves?
Two WWI soldiers are tasked with delivering a message that could save hundreds of lives, but did it happen?
2 Hearts
The stories of two couples intersect when tragedy strikes, but how much is based on the real couples?
Does this gambling film deliver an honest hand or a loaded deck?
22 July
How true is this film about Norway's worst terrorist attack, which claimed the lives of 77 people?
It's full of great fight scenes and lots of blood, but is the story accurate?
300: Rise of an Empire
It's a bloody, sexy, violent spectacle, but how much of the 300 sequel is true?
Does this Jackie Robinson movie strike out with regard to the truth?
80 for Brady
Four seniors decide to make it their mission to attend the Super Bowl and meet Tom Brady.
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Is the Tom Hanks Mister Rogers movie filled with too much fiction?
A Journal for Jordan
Denzel Washington directs this fact-based story of a soldier who authors a journal for his infant son.
A Million Miles Away
Actor Michael Peña portrays José Hernández, a migrant farmworker who dreams of becoming an astronaut.
A Small Light
The Nat Geo miniseries tells the story of Miep Gies, one of the people who helped hide Anne Frank and her family.
The Act
How accurate is this story of a mother who keeps her daughter captive by fake illnesses?
Was the actual Susan Orlean okay with the movie portraying her as a drug-snorting mess?
In 1983, a young couple sets off across the ocean to deliver a yacht and they encounter a deadly hurricane.
Against the Ice
Two explorers try to survive on Greenland's polar terrain, but does the story freeze out the facts?
Nike's Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) wants to create a shoe around rookie Michael Jordan.
All Eyez on Me
Chronicles the career of Tupac Shakur up until the 1996 drive-by shooting that took his life.
All My Life
A couple rushes their wedding plans after the husband-to-be is diagnosed with cancer.
All Saints
A salesman-turned-pastor tries to save a church he was ordered to shut down.
Alpha Dog
Did the movie's kidnapping and murder unfold the same way in real life?
American Gangster
How much of this rags-to-riches gangster story is true?
American Hustle
Does the truth get hustled by the fiction?
American Made
Tom Cruise portrays drug smuggler Barry Seal in a largely fictional film.
American Sniper
Does this Clint Eastwood film take aim at the truth?
American Underdog
The story of Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, who went from grocery store stock boy to NFL star.
The Amityville Horror
Is the truth as haunting as the famous 1979 movie?
The Amityville Horror
Is this 2005 horror remake possessed by the truth or fiction?
Is this haunted doll movie stuffed with the truth?
Annabelle: Creation
Find out if there's any truth to the Annabelle prequel.
This story of the assassination of SS officer Reinhard Heydrich is refreshingly accurate.
Antwone Fisher
Abused as a boy, a former foster child learns to shed his demons during his time in the Navy.
Go undercover and discover the truth about the daring escape.
Arthur the King
Does this movie about a stray dog who tags along with an adventure racing team follow the facts of the story?
Bad Education
Hugh Jackman portrays Frank Tassone, the superintendent at the heart of the Long Island school scandal.
Did the Flying Bandit really carry out 59 bank and jewelry store heists?
Battle of the Sexes
Does this movie about the Battle of the Sexes tennis match serve up the truth?
The Beanie Bubble
The Apple TV+ movie tells the story of toy salesman Ty Warner and the rise and fall of Beanie Babies.
Beautiful Boy
Does this story of a father trying to help his drug-addicted son leave out certain facts?
Beauty and the Beast
Meet the real couple who inspired Beauty and the Beast.
Being the Ricardos
Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in a film that condenses their timeline.
Queen Latifah portrays bisexual blues singer Bessie Smith, who rose to fame in the 1920s.
The Best of Enemies
A civil rights activist works with a Klan leader, but is the story accurate?
Big Eyes
Does Big Eyes paint within the boundaries of the truth?
The Big Lebowski
Meet the real life Dude behind the Dude.
The Big Short
Meet the key players in the housing market crisis who are represented in The Big Short movie.
The Big Sick
A romantic comedy based the movie's screenwriters, husband and wife Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani, who also stars.
Black Bird
A prison inmate (Taron Egerton) befriends a suspected serial killer to try and get a confession.
Black Mass
Johnny Depp portrays Boston gangster turned FBI informant Whitey Bulger.
The movie chronicles the rise and fall of the world's first smartphone, dubbed "CrackBerry" by its users.
Ron Stallworth, an African-American police officer, goes undercover to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s.
Bleed for This
Does this story of a boxing comeback get pinned against the ropes by too much fiction?
The Blind Side
Is the reality just as inspiring?
The Bling Ring
Meet the teen burglars behind the story.
The film is a heavily fictionalized and nightmarish look at the inner life of Marilyn Monroe.
We fight to uncover the truth behind Frank Dux and the Bloodsport movie.
Blue Miracle
Does this story of an orphanage entering a fishing tournament leave the facts stranded at sea?
Boardwalk Empire
Which of your favorite characters are real?
Bohemian Rhapsody
Does the movie stay in tune with the facts?
Boston Strangler
Reporter Loretta McLaughlin connects the murders and breaks the story of the Boston Strangler.
Boys Don't Cry
Discover why the town and the real people associated with the story did not support the movie.
The Boys in the Boat
Meet the real group of working class boys who rowed their way to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.
Investigate the FBI Agent who betrayed his country, religion and family.
A veteran with PTSD enters a bank claiming he has a bomb and demands the VA pay him $892.
Is the movie's miraculous survival story fact or mostly fiction?
Brian Banks
An standout football player's NFL dreams are suspended after he's falsely accused of rape and sent to prison.
Bridge of Spies
Tom Hanks is lawyer James Donovan, who defended spy Rudolf Abel during the Cold War.
The Burial
Larger-than-life attorney Willie E. Gary fights to save the business of a funeral home owner.
Lee Daniels' The Butler
Does The Butler serve up the truth or mostly fiction?
The Bye Bye Man
Could the Bye Bye Man be coming for you, or is he pure fiction? Learn the truth.
Italian immigrant Francesca Cabrini fights for better care for orphaned children living in the slums of New York.
Calendar Girls
See pics of the real Calendar Girls and purchase the latest calendar.
Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Does this movie about a literary forger invent certain parts of the story?
The Hulu miniseries explores the killing of Betty Gore by friend Candy Montgomery (Jessica Biel).
Is it possible that Al Capone was faking dementia to get out of prison?
Captain Phillips
Climb aboard Tom Hanks's character's cargo ship as we explore the facts behind Captain Phillips.
Do the filmmakers hold the truth captive in this story of a single mother who is taken hostage by a murderer?
The Case for Christ
An avowed atheist journalist attempts to debunk the claims of Christianity.
Two best friends clash over a gambling empire and a woman, but how much of the movie actually happened?
Catch Me If You Can
Catch up with the real con artist and the FBI agent who pursued him.
Charlie Wilson's War
Did this congressman single-handedly beat the Soviets?
Chasing Mavericks
Does Chasing Mavericks hang ten or wipeout with regard to the truth?
Does this HBO miniseries about the Chernobyl disaster deliver a heavy does of fiction or fact?
Is this Disney+ movie about a teen musician battling cancer in tune with the truth?
Cocaine Bear
A 500-pound black bear consumes a duffel bag full of cocaine, which sends it on a drug-fueled killing spree.
Concrete Cowboy
Is this story about an urban cowboy who reconnects with his rebellious son based in fact?
Does this Will Smith movie suffer from dementia when it comes to the truth?
The Conjuring 2
The horror sequel explores the real-life story of the Enfield Poltergeist.
The Conjuring
Does the film conjure up more fiction than fact?
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
We explore the real-life possession and murder that inspired The Conjuring 3.
The Courier
How much fiction is smuggled into this story about Cold War spy Greville Wynne?
The Crowded Room
Tom Holland portrays Danny Sullivan, a character inspired by The Campus Rapist, Billy Milligan.
The Crown
Meet the real people behind more than 16 characters from the Netflix series and find out how much is fiction.
The Current War
Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse face off to see whose electrical current will power the world.
The Danish Girl
The film tells the story of transgender artist Lili Elbe, who underwent sexual reassignment surgery.
Danny Collins
Did fame and fortune corrupt the life of the real musician?
Darkest Hour
Gary Oldman portrays Winston Churchill during the early days of WWII, but is the movie accurate?
Dear Edward
A 12-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a plane crash that kills 191 people, including his family.
The Death of Stalin
Russia banned the movie, a dark comedy that stars Steve Buscemi as Khrushchev.
Deepwater Horizon
Is Deepwater Horizon full of leaks when it comes to the truth?
Deliver Us From Evil
Does this crime/horror movie deliver the truth?
Director Kathryn Bigelow explores the Algiers Motel deaths during the 1967 Detroit Riot.
The Devil Wears Prada
Was the fabric of the story spun with fact or fiction?
Two U.S. Navy pilots develop a bond of brotherhood as they fly combat missions in the Korean War.
Does the Diana movie reproduce the truth as well as it does the fashion?
The Dig
Does the truth get buried in this story of the Sutton Hoo archaeological dig?
The Dirt
Did rock band Mötley Crüe really do all of the crazy things seen in the movie?
The Disappointments Room
We peer inside The Disappointments Room to give you the facts.
The Disaster Artist
James Franco portrays Tommy Wiseau, famous for making the worst movie ever.
Dog Gone
A father and son search for their dog that went missing along the Appalachian Trail.
Dolemite Is My Name
Was Rudy Ray Moore's life really that outrageous?
Donnie Brasco
Go undercover, see pics, and watch an interview with the real-life Donnie Brasco.
Downton Abbey
Which parts of the Downton Abbey movie are true to history?
Dr. Death
The series examines the crimes of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, aka Dr. Death.
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Find out if a family curse could have been responsible for Bruce Lee's death.
Dream Horse
A barmaid convinces her small-town neighbors to help fund a racehorse in hopes of it becoming a champion.
The Dropout
Hulu's series explores the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of blood-testing startup Theranos.
Dumb Money
A computer nerd flips the script on Wall Street by driving up GameStop's stock value.
Do the facts become casualties in Christopher Nolan's WWII movie?
Eddie the Eagle
Does this story of the first British Olympic ski jumper stick its landing when it comes to the truth?
The film focuses on the life of Elvis Presley (Austin Butler) and the role of his manager, Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).
A runaway slave named Peter (Will Smith) tries to make his way through the Louisiana swamps to the Union Army.
The End of the Tour
Are the movie's conversations taken from David Lipsky's transcripts?
Meet actor Mark Wahlberg's real-life posse who inspired the Entourage TV show characters.
Erin Brockovich
Meet the real woman behind the movie, who took on a power company and won.
Does the truth get lost on the mountain?
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Based on the exorcism story of Anneliese Michel.
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
Does fiction suffocate the facts in this Ted Bundy film?
The Eyes of Tammy Faye
Does the movie preach the facts regarding televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker?
The Fabelmans
A Jewish boy falls in love with filmmaking in this semi-autobiographical story of Steven Spielberg.
The Farewell
A family finds out the grandma is dying and decides to keep it from her. How much of this lie is true?
Father Stu
Boxer-turned-actor Stuart Long (Mark Wahlberg) is drawn to the priesthood after a near-fatal accident.
Does this story of a widowed father (Kevin Hart) raising his daughter stick to the facts?
The Fault in Our Stars
Meet Esther Earl, the inspiration behind Shailene Woodley's character.
The Favourite
Lady Sarah becomes jealous of Queen Anne's affection for her new servant, but is the ensuing love triangle real?
The Michael Mann film explores the life of Italian sports car mogul Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver).
The Fighter
We pit Fact vs. Fiction to see which wins the title.
Fighting with My Family
Does this story of WWE wrestler Paige get pinned by too much fiction?
Finding Neverland
Does the truth get lost in Johnny Depp's Neverland?
The Finest Hours
Does the truth stay afloat in this story of a perilous Coast Guard rescue mission?
First Man
Ryan Gosling blasts off as Neil Armstrong in this biopic of the first man to walk on the moon.
Five Days at Memorial
The series examines the controversial events at Memorial Medical Center during Hurricane Katrina.
Flamin' Hot
Did Richard Montañez create Flamin' Hot Cheetos, or is the film perpetuating a lie?
Florence Foster Jenkins
It's okay Meryl Streep hits the wrong notes, but is the truth out of tune as well?
For Life
How much of the ABC TV series For Life is rooted in fact?
Ford v Ferrari
Does this car racing movie about the 1966 Le Mans rivalry leave the truth in the dust?
The Founder
Michael Keaton is McDonald's "founder" Ray Kroc. Now meet the real founders.
Steve Carell portrays multimillionaire and convicted murderer John du Pont.
Michael Douglas portrays Benjamin Franklin, who at age 70 worked to secure the Franco-American Alliance.
Free State of Jones
Matthew McConaughey is a farmer who rebels against the Confederacy during the Civil War.
Freedom Writers
Get to know the teacher who inspired her students to beat the odds.
Get to know the controversial artist whose physical suffering inspired her paintings.
Is the struggle between author Thomas Wolfe and editor Max Perkins accurately portrayed?
Get on Up
Does the James Brown biopic get funky with the truth?
Gigi & Nate
A paralyzed young man finds hope through his primate friend, but how much of the film is monkey business?
The Girl from Plainville
The Hulu series explores Michelle Carter's involvement in Conrad Roy's suicide.
The Glass Castle
Is the movie in sync with Jeannette Walls bestselling memoir about her poverty stricken upbringing?
We mine the Gold movie for the facts amongst the fiction.
The Goldbergs
Meet the real-life Goldbergs and learn how much of the show is true.
The Good Nurse
Meet the real nurse who discovered her coworker and good friend was secretly killing patients.
Good on Paper
Comedian Iliza Shlesinger based this comedy on her own relationship disaster.
Goodbye Christopher Robin
Is this story of Winnie-the-Pooh's creation as fictional as the storybooks?
Meet the real Henry Hill and learn more about the Lufthansa Heist.
Gran Turismo
Meet the real Gran Turismo player who became an actual race car driver.
The Greatest Beer Run Ever
A man decides to bring beer to his childhood friends serving in Vietnam.
The Greatest Showman
How accurate is The Greatest Showman when compared to the real P.T. Barnum?
Green Book
Is the truth reinvented in this story of a bouncer who drives a black pianist through the 1960s South?
Based on a novel, the Tom Hanks film was inspired by a real-life WWII battle.
Gridiron Gang
Meet the real coach and find out if the football program really changed the lives of these troubled kids.
Hacksaw Ridge
Mel Gibson directs the story of a WWII Medal of Honor winner who never fired a shot.
How accurate is Broadway's biography of Alexander Hamilton?
Hands of Stone
Does fiction knock out the truth in this story of boxing trainer Ray Arcel and boxer Roberto Duran?
Harriet Tubman frees dozens of slaves through the Underground Railroad, but is the biopic factual?
The Haunting in Connecticut
Did the son really set fire to the house?
Heaven is for Real
Heaven is for real. Okay, but is the movie?
Hidden Figures
Is this story of three African-American women NASA mathematicians fueled by too much fiction?
The Hill
Rickey Hill dreams of playing big league baseball despite a seemingly insurmountable medical condition.
Hillbilly Elegy
Does Ron Howard's film about J.D. Vance's difficult upbringing in Appalachia stay true to his memoir?
Based on the death of Superman, George Reeves.
Home Team
Saints coach Sean Payton (Kevin James) coaches his son's football team during his year-long NFL suspension.
Find out if the real basketball team's story was as dramatic as the movie.
The Hours
Hear Virginia Woolf's voice and read her suicide letter to her husband.
House of Gucci
Socialite Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) plots the death of her husband, Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver).
The Hurricane
Separate the facts from the fiction that ultimately KOed Denzel Washington's Oscar chances.
Strip club employees scam their Wall Street clients, but how much of it happened in real life?
I Am the Night
A ruined reporter helps a young woman investigate the mystery of her birth, but how much really happened?
I Can Only Imagine
The movie tells the story behind MercyMe's hit song, but how much of it really happened?
I Saw the Light
Is this Tom Hiddleston movie in tune with the real-life of country-western singer Hank Williams?
I Still Believe
The story of singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp and his experience with love and loss early in his career.
I, Tonya
With so many unknowns surrounding Tonya Harding, what does the movie get right?
The Imitation Game
Is this Alan Turing biopic cryptic when it comes to the truth?
The Infiltrator
Was the real undercover agent's experience as harrowing as Bryan Cranston's in the movie?
Inventing Anna
How much of this Netflix mini-series that explores the rise and fall of conwoman Anna Delvey is factual?
Meet the real Vince Papale and discover the true story.
The Irishman
Robert De Niro and Al Pacino star in a film about the man who supposedly killed Jimmy Hoffa, but is the movie a lie?
The Iron Claw
Does this movie about the Von Erich wrestling family deliver an iron claw to the truth?
Explore the inspiration behind this shark attack movie.
Jerry and Marge Go Large
A couple facing retirement discover a lottery loophole and win millions.
Jersey Boys
Is director Clint Eastwood's adaptation of the Jersey Boys musical in tune with regard to the truth?
Jesus Revolution
A community of teenage hippies in Southern California inspire a spiritual awakening in the early 1970s.
Jimi: All Is by My Side
Does this Jimi Hendrix movie miss a chord with regard to the truth?
Does this Ashton Kutcher movie compute when it comes to the truth?
Joe Bell
A father embarks on a cross-country walk to raise awareness of bullying after his son commits suicide.
Does this story of Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano wash away the facts?
Judas and the Black Messiah
Are the facts preserved in this story of slain Black Panther Fred Hampton?
A look at the life of legendary performer Judy Garland (Renée Zellweger).
Just Mercy
Does this story of an attorney who fights to free a black man on Death Row perjure itself with too much fiction?
Kill the Messenger
Does Kill the Messenger kill the truth?
Killers of the Flower Moon
Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this story of the Osage Tribe Murders.
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Is King Arthur's legend one of fact or fiction?
King Richard
Will Smith portrays Richard Williams, father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams.
Lady Bird
Find out how much of Lady Bird was inspired by Greta Gerwig's life.
The Last Duel
Does this Ridley Scott movie about France's last official trial by combat take liberties with history?
The Last Full Measure
Is this story about an Air Force pararescueman's heroism true to history?
A League of Their Own
When the men go off to war, the women pick up their bats, but is the story based in fact?
A young Indian boy is separated from his family and uses Google Earth to try and find them 25 years later.
Lone Survivor
Mark Wahlberg fights for his life, but does the truth hold up in the onscreen version of the battle.
The Lost City of Z
Does this movie about explorer Percy Fawcett stray away from the truth?
Lost Girls
We compare the Netflix series to Shannan Gilbert's real-life disappearance.
Does this movie about an interracial couple's right to live freely together stay faithful to the real story?
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
How much of this music-driven drama is based on the real blues singer Ma Rainey?
Is this movie about music conductor Leonard Bernstein and wife Felicia off-key when it comes to the truth?
Maggie Moore(s)
When two women with the same name are murdered a week apart, a police chief looks for a connection.
Does the truth get washed away in this series about a struggling single mother?
The Man Who Invented Christmas
Does the film accurately depict Charles Dickens's writing of A Christmas Carol.
We compare the Manhattan TV show to real life at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project.
Does David Fincher's story of the writing of Citizen Kane stick to the facts?
A young Thurgood Marshall defends a black chauffeur accused of attempted murder by his white employer.
Masters of the Air
Does the series hit the target with regard to the facts about the 100th Bomb Group during WWII?
The Mauritanian
A man is held without charges at Guantanamo as an attorney (Jodie Foster) fights for his freedom.
McFarland, USA
Does this Kevin Costner sports movie outrun the truth?
Megan Leavey
Megan Leavey fights to adopt her combat dog Rex in the years after they survive an IED explosion.
Men of Honor
Meet the real Navy diver who lost his leg but not his ability to overcome his circumstances.
Is director Roland Emmerich's version of the WWII Battle of Midway accurate?
Military Wives
Military spouses and girlfriends form a choir that becomes a global sensation, but does the film stay in harmony with the truth?
Million Dollar Arm
Does this Jon Hamm Disney baseball movie hit too many foul balls regarding the truth?
Does this story of photojournalist W. Eugene Smith accurately capture the Minamata disaster?
The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
A British special forces team carries out "ungentlemanly" warfare against the Nazis.
Meet the real hockey players and coach behind the 1980 Olympic victory.
Miracles from Heaven
Meet the real girl who says she visited heaven after falling inside a hollow tree.
Molly's Game
Ex-professional skier Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain) runs an exclusive high-stakes poker game.
Is she really the first woman serial killer? Meet the real Aileen Wuornos.
The Monuments Men
Does director George Clooney paint over the facts with too much fiction?
The Mothman Prophecies
Would the real Mothman be a fan of the Richard Gere movie?
Mrs. America
Hollywood finds the villain in conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, but is it the truth?
The Mule
Is this story of an elderly WWII veteran who transports drugs for a Mexican cartel filled with fiction.
Munich: The Edge of War
Two former classmates who work for rival governments meet to discuss peace in the lead up to WWII.
My All American
Is the truth left on the sidelines in this story of college football standout Freddie Steinmark?
Does Joaquin Phoenix accurately depict French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte?
Next Goal Wins
Thomas Rongen becomes the head coach of the infamously bad American Samoa soccer team.
Not Without My Daughter
Meet the mother and daughter who escaped from Iran.
Does this Biggie Smalls movie drop an authentic beat?
The Nun
We peel back The Nun's veil to reveal which parts of the horror movie are rooted in history.
Annette Bening portrays long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad, who attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida.
The Old Man & the Gun
We compare the real-life bank robber to the Robert Redford movie.
On a Wing and a Prayer
When their pilot dies suddenly mid-flight, a father tries to land the plane.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Meet the real people portrayed in Tarantino's film. Which parts are reality?
The One and Only Ivan
We reveal the facts behind this Disney+ movie that tells the story of a gorilla kept in a shopping mall.
Only the Brave
Does the truth get lost in the smoke in this wildfire movie?
Operation Finale
In 1960, a group of secret agents attempt to capture Adolf Eichman, an architect of the Holocaust.
Operation Mincemeat
To trick the Nazis, the British place fake documents on a corpse posing as an officer. Is the WWII movie accurate?
The Christopher Nolan film explores the story of scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb.
Ordinary Angels
A hairdresser rallies a community to help a widowed father save his critically ill daughter.
Our Friend
When a couple receives devastating news, a friend arrives to help, but is the story in line with the truth?
Outlaw King
How accurate is this film about the 14th century Scottish 'Outlaw King' Robert the Bruce?
The Outpost
How accurate is this story of a small force of U.S. soldiers who defend their outpost from hundreds of Taliban?
Pain & Gain
Is the real story of the bodybuilding kidnappers as funny as the movie?
Pain Hustlers
Single mom Liza Drake finds success at a corrupt pharmaceutical start-up with a new opioid medication.
The Passion of the Christ
Go beyond the movie as we compare the film to the history.
Patch Adams
Meet the real-life doctor who is the basis for the Robin Williams character.
Happy Valley
Was Al Pacino able to capture Joe Paterno's appearance for the Penn State scandal movie?
Patriots Day
A chronicle of the Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent terrorist manhunt.
Pawn Sacrifice
Chess prodigy Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) takes on the Soviet Union and Boris Spassky (Liev Schreiber).
Penguin Bloom
After an accident leaves a mother paralyzed, the family cares for an injured magpie, which helps them heal.
The People v. O.J. Simpson
Meet 27 characters and their real-life O.J. Simpson trial counterparts.
The Pianist
Did you know that director Roman Polanski had himself been a prisoner of the Polish ghetto during WWII?
The Pope's Exorcist
The Vatican's chief exorcist battles an evil that is unlike anything he's encountered.
The Post
Is this story of a newspaper publisher's decision to publish government secrets accurate?
A Prayer Before Dawn
An English boxer finds himself in a savage Thai prison, but how much is fact?
The Promise
We reveal how much of The Promise is based in reality and explore the controversy around the movie.
Public Enemies
Meet the public hero who was Public Enemy #1.
The Pursuit of Happyness
Meet the real-life stockbroker who went from rags to riches.
Queen of Katwe
Does this story of a Ugandan female chess prodigy add any fictional pieces to the board?
How accurate is this comedy about two women who create a multimillion dollar coupon scam?
The Quiet Ones
Does this horror movie keep the truth quiet as well?
African American athlete Jesse Owens wins a record-breaking four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin as Hitler watches.
Find out what made the real coach invite Radio into his life.
The Railway Man
Colin Firth portrays Eric Lomax, a WWII POW who tracks down one of his former captors for closure.
NSA translator Reality Winner leaks a classified intelligence report to The Intercept.
Remember the Titans
Find out if the racial tension was depicted accurately in the movie.
Rescued by Ruby
A state trooper hopes to join the K-9 rescue team and picks an unruly dog to help him achieve his dream.
We compare the Jennifer Hudson movie to the real-life Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.
The Revenant
Is this story of revenge starring Leonardo DiCaprio based more on fact or folklore?
Richard Jewell
The media got Richard Jewell wrong, but does Clint Eastwood get his story right?
The Right Stuff
How accurate is this Disney+ TV adaptation of Tom Wolfe's book about John Glenn and the space race?
The Rite
Is it based in fact or possessed by fiction?
Does this Elton John biopic contain too much fantasy and not enough fact?
The Rookie
Did Jim Morris really test his fastball by throwing past a speed limit monitor on the side of the road?
Learn the truth and see a pic of the real Rudy being carried off the Notre Dame field.
Explore the real Formula One rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda.
Are the facts left on the bench in this tale of a college football player who takes custody of his brother?
Saving Mr. Banks
Meet the real Mary Poppins author and learn the truth behind her battle with Disney.
Saving Private Ryan
How accurate is the acclaimed Steven Spielberg WWII movie?
Schindler's List
As a result of refusing to obey, he saved the lives of nine hundred.
The Netflix movie chronicles Prince Andrew's infamous 2019 BBC interview about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein.
Meet Seabiscuit and watch the real-life races depicted in the movie.
Self Made
Meet the real African American hair-care entrepreneur behind the rags-to-riches story.
UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello finds himself in a perilous situation in the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq.
The Serpent
Does this miniseries about serial killer Charles Sobhraj accurately depict the real-life killings?
A young man taken in by a group of skinheads decides to shed that part of his life, but is the story accurate?
Slender Man
Is this new horror villain based in reality or is it a complete work of fiction?
The Social Network
Does the Facebook movie compute with the truth?
Society of the Snow
Does the truth survive in this movie about the 1972 Andes plane crash?
Son of God
Based on the ten-hour miniseries The Bible, we explore the history, the cast and the controversy.
Soul Surfer
Does the truth hang ten or wipe out?
Sound of Freedom
An agent with Homeland Security quits his job in order to rescue children from human traffickers.
Kristen Stewart portrays Princess Diana when she decides to leave Prince Charles, but is it factual?
We shine a light on the real story, including the reporters who broke the Catholic Church abuse story.
The Staircase
The HBO Max series focuses on novelist Michael Peterson (Colin Firth), who was accused of killing his wife.
Steve Jobs
The truth doesn't quite compute in this biopic about Apple cofounder Steve Jobs.
Is this story of Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman made weaker by too much ficton?
Clint Eastwood directs Tom Hanks as Capt. Sully, but does the film leave the truth on the tarmac?
The Survivor
Does this story of a Holocaust survivor who boxed fellow prisoners keep the facts in the ring?
The movie is based on a Wall Street Journal article about a group of men who've played tag for more than 20 years.
The Tender Bar
Does this coming-of-age drama directed by George Clooney stick closely to J.R. Moehringer's memoir?
Henk Rogers (Taron Egerton) travels behind the Iron Curtain to secure the rights to the video game Tetris.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Was there really a Leatherface? What did he look like?
Texas Rising
Does Texas Rising retell or rewrite the rise of the Texas Rangers?
The Theory of Everything
Is this Stephen Hawking biopic as intelligent as the famous physicist?
The Thing About Pam
Does this series about Pam Hupp (Renée Zellweger) and the murder of Betsy Faria get the details right?
Thirteen Lives
Does the truth emerge unscathed in this Ron Howard film about the Tham Luang cave rescue?
Tiger King
This wildly popular Netflix documentary tells the at-times exaggerated story of big-cat zoo operator Joe Exotic.
The film tells the story of the lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till and his mother's subsequent fight for justice.
Hear the voices of actual passengers and find out if Jack and Rose where based on real people.
To Write Love on Her Arms
Kat Dennings portrays Renee Yohe, who inspired the TWLOHA movement.
Meet the real sled dog who helped save Nome from a diphtheria epidemic.
The film explores the formative years of author J.R.R. Tolkien.
Top Gun: Maverick
How realistic is the sequel? We examine the flying, the pilots, and the plot.
Trees of Peace
Four women hide beneath a floor for months in an attempt to survive the Rwandan genocide.
The Trial of the Chicago 7
Is Aaron Sorkin's film too polarized in its perspective of the Chicago Seven?
True Spirit
16-year-old Jessica Watson tries to become the youngest person to sail solo and nonstop around the world.
Does the truth remain unbroken in this story of an Olympian and WWII hero?
Does Jerry Seinfeld's comedy about the invention of Pop-Tarts at all resemble the real-life Kellogg's / Post rivalry?
United 93
Meet the heroes and investigate the story behind the film.
A United Kingdom
David Oyelowo is a prince who's interracial marriage changes history, but did it really?
The United States vs. Billie Holiday
How much of this Billie Holiday biopic is in tune with the real-life jazz singer?
Unsung Hero
The film tells the story of the Smallbone Family, whose children grew up to become Christian pop superstars.
The Upside
How much fiction is in this story of a wealthy quadriplegic who hires a convict to take care of him?
Christian Bale captures Dick Cheney physically, but does the movie bear any resemblance to the truth?
Victoria and Abdul
Was Queen Victoria really a champion against racial intolerance?
Authorities lay siege to religious leader David Koresh's Branch Davidian compound in 1993.
Walk the Line
Find out if this Johnny Cash movie walks the line when it comes to the truth.
The Walk
Is this story of high-wire artist Philippe Petit wobbly with the truth?
War Dogs
Is the real story of these two stoner arms dealers as exciting as the movie?
The Watcher
A family moves into their dream home only to start being harassed by someone obsessed with the home.
We Own This City
This HBO miniseries chronicles the corruption surrounding the Baltimore PD's Gun Trace Task Force.
We Were the Lucky Ones
Members of a Jewish family each embark on their own path to safety during WWII, hoping to reunite again.
The Apple TV+ series focuses on Adam and Rebekah Neumann's role in the rise and fall of WeWork.
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story
Daniel Radcliffe is parody musician Weird Al Yankovic in this satirical biopic.
Welcome to Marwen
A man (Steve Carell) creates a miniature WWII town in his yard to deal with PTSD.
When the Game Stands Tall
Does the movie fumble when it comes to the truth?
When They See Us
The Netflix miniseries presents a searing tale of racial injustice while distorting the truth.
White Boy Rick
Does this story of a 14-year-old FBI informant turned drug dealer stick to the facts?
White House Plumbers
Meet the Watergate masterminds who unintentionally toppled a presidency.
Wicked Little Letters
When residents of an English town start to receive vulgar letters, they rush to blame an unruly Irish immigrant.
Reese Witherspoon ventures into the Wild, but does she bring the truth with her?
The Wolf of Wall Street
Does the film cry wolf with regard to the truth?
Woman in Gold
Does this story of a woman who fights to reclaim a painting stolen by the Nazis smudge the facts?
The Woman King
Does the movie tell the whole story of the Kingdom of Dahomey and its female warriors?
Attorney Ken Feinberg (Michael Keaton) must figure out how much each 9/11 victim's life is worth.
Who is the Zodiac? Read an eyewitness account, view photos and more.
The Zookeeper's Wife
Meet the real couple who hid hundreds during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw.