Upcoming Movies Based on True Stories

Here you will find a schedule of new and upcoming true story movies. Get a jump on the biopics and real-life stories that will hit theaters in the coming months. Discover release dates, watch trailers and meet the real people who are the basis for these new movies based on true stories.
June 2020
This Judd Apatow comedy was loosely inspired by the life of its star, comedian Pete Davidson.
July 2020
How accurate is this story of a small force of U.S. soldiers who defend their outpost from hundreds of Taliban?
How accurate is Broadway's biography of Alexander Hamilton?
Based on a novel, the Tom Hanks film was inspired by a real-life WWII battle.
August 2020
The Disney+ movie tells the story of a 400-pound silverback gorilla named Ivan who is confined in a suburban shopping mall with other animals.
An eccentric interpretation of the life of visionary inventor Nikola Tesla (Ethan Hawke).
At the height of WWI, three young Portuguese children claim to have seen the Virgin Mary.
September 2020
The movie tells the story of activist and musician Helen Reddy (Tilda Cobham-Hervey).
October 2020
Under the orders of Churchill, Britain's new spy agency, the SOE, recruits and trains women to become spies.
Ethan Hawke portrays abolitionist John Brown in this Showtime miniseries.
How accurate is this Disney+ TV adaptation of Tom Wolfe's book about John Glenn and the space race?
Is this Disney+ movie about a teen musician battling cancer in tune with the truth?
Is Aaron Sorkin's film too polarized in its perspective of the Chicago Seven?
The stories of two couples intersect when tragedy strikes, but how much is based on the real couples?
November 2020
The children of five baby boomers graduate college and decide to steal from the rich and give to themselves.
Lonesome fossil hunter Mary Anning (Kate Winslet) enters into a relationship with a grieving younger woman (Saoirse Ronan).
Han van Meergren (Guy Pearce) is investigated for being suspected of selling a valuable piece of artwork to the Nazis.
Does Ron Howard's film about J.D. Vance's difficult upbringing in Appalachia stay true to his memoir?
Johnny Flynn takes on the role of David Bowie in a film about the musician's first trip to America and the creation of his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust.
December 2020
A couple's wedding plans are threatened when the husband-to-be is diagnosed with cancer.
A woman in her sixties loses everything and decides to journey across the American West while living in her van.
Does David Fincher's story of the writing of Citizen Kane stick to the facts?
June 2021
We explore the real-life possession and murder that inspired The Conjuring 3.
August 2021
Jennifer Hudson stars as Aretha Franklin in this biopic.