History vs. Hollywood

Comedy Movies Based on True Stories

Hit Man History vs. Hollywood Episode
 Hit Man: History vs. Hollywood Episode
Comedy  |  We explain at what point this Netflix movie about a fake hit man abandons the truth.
Unfrosted movieUnfrosted: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  Does Jerry Seinfeld's comedy about the invention of Pop-Tarts at all resemble the toaster pastries' real origin story?
Wicked Little Letters movieWicked Little Letters: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  When residents of an English seaside town start to receive vulgar letters laced with profanities, an unruly Irish immigrant becomes the prime suspect.
The Beanie Bubble movieThe Beanie Bubble: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  The movie tells a significantly fictionalized story of Beanie Babies inventor Ty Warner and the women who played key roles in his company's success.
80 for Brady movie80 for Brady: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  Does this football movie about four superfan seniors fumble when it comes to the facts?
Queenpins movieQueenpins: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  How accurate is this story of coupon counterfeiters?
The One and Only IvanThe One and Only Ivan: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  Meet the real gorilla that inspired the movie.
The Farewell movieThe Farewell: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  A family decides not to tell the grandma that she has cancer. How much of the movie, based on the director's personal story, is true?
Hit Man movieHit Man: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  Does Netflix's Hit Man line up with the real-life account of fake assassin Gary Johnson?
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The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare movieThe Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  A small team of Churchill's special forces operators annihilates scores of Nazis, but does this Guy Ritchie movie at all resemble reality?
Dumb Money movieDumb Money: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  An ordinary guy flips the script on Wall Street by helping to drive up GameStop's stock price.
Maggie Moore(s) movieMaggie Moore(s): History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  Is this dark comedy about two women with the same name murdered days apart grounded in reality?
Jerry and Marge Go Large movieJerry & Marge Go Large: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  How closely does this story of a retired couple who discovers a lottery loophole stick to the real-life events?
Good on Paper movieGood on Paper: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  How much of this Netflix movie is based on comedian Iliza Shlesinger's real-life lying ex-boyfriend?
Dolemite Is My Name movieDolemite Is My Name: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  Was the evolution of Dolemite as outrageous as what's seen in the Eddie Murphy movie?
Fighting with My Family movieFighting with My Family: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  Do the facts get pinned by the fiction in this story of WWE wrestler Paige?

ALL TRUE STORY Comedy Movies
Everyone knows that real life is often funnier than fiction. This is part of the reason that TV shows like America's Funniest Home Videos and websites like YouTube are so successful. So, it's no surprise that the fact-based stories behind true comedy movies end up finding their way to the big screen. Whether it's a dark comedy that we feel guilty laughing at because we know it's true, or a biopic about an individual whose circumstances and personality both exude copious amounts of humor, comedy movies based on true stories have the ability to tickle our funny-bone and peek our interest at the same time, especially when we're told that what we're seeing is based in fact.
Hit Man
Gary Johnson (Glen Powell), a professor who moonlights as a fake hit man for the cops, starts to fall for a client.
Does Jerry Seinfeld's comedy about the invention of Pop-Tarts at all resemble the real-life Kellogg's / Post rivalry?
Wicked Little Letters
When residents of an English town start to receive vulgar letters, they rush to blame an unruly Irish immigrant.
Dumb Money
A computer nerd flips the script on Wall Street by driving up GameStop's stock value.
The Beanie Bubble
The Apple TV+ movie tells the story of toy salesman Ty Warner and the rise and fall of Beanie Babies.
Maggie Moore(s)
When two women with the same name are murdered a week apart, a police chief looks for a connection.
80 for Brady
Four seniors decide to make it their mission to attend the Super Bowl and meet Tom Brady.
Jerry and Marge Go Large
A couple facing retirement discover a lottery loophole and win millions.
How accurate is this comedy about two women who create a multimillion dollar coupon scam?
Good on Paper
Comedian Iliza Shlesinger based this comedy on her own relationship disaster.
The One and Only Ivan
We reveal the facts behind this Disney+ movie that tells the story of a gorilla kept in a shopping mall.
Dolemite Is My Name
Was Rudy Ray Moore's life really that outrageous?
The Farewell
A family finds out the grandma is dying and decides to keep it from her. How much of this lie is true?
Fighting with My Family
Does this story of WWE wrestler Paige get pinned by too much fiction?
The Upside
How much fiction is in this story of a wealthy quadriplegic who hires a convict to take care of him?
Welcome to Marwen
A man (Steve Carell) creates a miniature WWII town in his yard to deal with PTSD.
Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Does this movie about a literary forger invent certain parts of the story?
The movie is based on a Wall Street Journal article about a group of men who've played tag for more than 20 years.
Lady Bird
Find out how much of Lady Bird was inspired by Greta Gerwig's life.
The Big Sick
A romantic comedy based the movie's screenwriters, husband and wife Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani, who also stars.
Meet actor Mark Wahlberg's real-life posse who inspired the Entourage TV show characters.
The Goldbergs
Meet the real-life Goldbergs and learn how much of the show is true.
Saving Mr. Banks
Meet the real Mary Poppins author and learn the truth behind her battle with Disney.
The Devil Wears Prada
Was the fabric of the story spun with fact or fiction?
Was the actual Susan Orlean okay with the movie portraying her as a drug-snorting mess?
The Big Lebowski
Meet the real life Dude behind the Dude.
Patch Adams
Meet the real-life doctor who is the basis for the Robin Williams character.