History vs. Hollywood

Horror Movies Based on True Stories

The Pope's Exorcist movieThe Pope's Exorcist: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  Has the truth been exorcised from this Russell Crowe horror movie?
The Watcher miniseriesThe Watcher: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  Is the real-life stalker story as disturbing as the miniseries?
Slender Man movieIs "Slender Man" Rooted in Fact or Internet Fiction?
Horror  |  A look at the 2018 movie and the origins of the horror.
The Bye Bye Man movieThe Bye Bye Man: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  Is this horror film really based on actual events?
The Conjuring 2 movieThe Conjuring 2: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  Is this fright-filled poltergeist story based more on a hoax than real horror?
Annabelle movieAnnabelle: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  Is the real doll as disturbing as the movie doll?
Amityville: The Awakening movie
 Amityville: The Awakening Revisits the Haunted Home in Fright-Filled Trailer
Horror  |  Can the producer behind Paranormal Activity, Insidious and Sinister bring fresh chills to the Amityville franchise?
The Quiet Ones movieThe Quiet Ones: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  In the movie, a professor creates a ghost from the negative energy surrounding an unstable girl. We'll tell you what happened in real life.
Cocaine Bear movieCocaine Bear: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  How much of this story of a 500-pound black bear that goes on a murderous rampage after eating cocaine is based on real events?
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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It  movieThe Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It | History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  We explore the story of possession and murder that inspired the horror movie.
The Nun movieThe Nun: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  A priest and a young nun hunt a demon loosely rooted in mythology.
The Disappointments Room movieThe Disappointments Room: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  Did the real room result in the house being supposedly haunted?
Jaws movieThe Real Inspiration for Jaws
Horror  |  Dive in and explore what really inspired this terrifying shark tale.
Tusk movieRead the Classified Ad that Inspired Kevin Smith's Tusk
Horror  |  Read Chris Parkinson's classified ad that inspired the Tusk movie, and listen to the Kevin Smith podcast during which he came up with the plot for Tusk.
Deliver Us from Evil MovieDeliver Us From Evil: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  This R-rated Eric Bana horror movie delivers gore and creepiness, but does it deliver the truth?
Amityville Horror 2005 MovieThe Amityville Horror (2005): History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  Is this Ryan Reynolds Amityville Horror remake haunted by too much fiction?

ALL TRUE STORY Horror Movies
They make us grip our seats, spill our popcorn and shut our eyes until each fright-filled scene is over. Of course, we're referring to horror movies and here you can explore our research behind the ones that are based on true stories. For instance, learn the truth behind whether serial killer Ed Gein actually wore a mask made from his victim's face like the killer does in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or find out if Emily Rose could have possibly been faking her possession. Check out the side column for a preview of upcoming real horror movies based on actual events, and browse below to discover the truth behind our latest spine-tingling additions.
The Pope's Exorcist
The Vatican's chief exorcist battles an evil that is unlike anything he's encountered.
Cocaine Bear
A 500-pound black bear consumes a duffel bag full of cocaine, which sends it on a drug-fueled killing spree.
The Watcher
A family moves into their dream home only to start being harassed by someone obsessed with the home.
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
We explore the real-life possession and murder that inspired The Conjuring 3.
The Nun
We peel back The Nun's veil to reveal which parts of the horror movie are rooted in history.
Slender Man
Is this new horror villain based in reality or is it a complete work of fiction?
Annabelle: Creation
Find out if there's any truth to the Annabelle prequel.
The Bye Bye Man
Could the Bye Bye Man be coming for you, or is he pure fiction? Learn the truth.
The Disappointments Room
We peer inside The Disappointments Room to give you the facts.
The Conjuring 2
The horror sequel explores the real-life story of the Enfield Poltergeist.
Is this haunted doll movie stuffed with the truth?
Deliver Us From Evil
Does this crime/horror movie deliver the truth?
The Quiet Ones
Does this horror movie keep the truth quiet as well?
The Conjuring
Does the film conjure up more fiction than fact?
The Rite
Is it based in fact or possessed by fiction?
The Haunting in Connecticut
Did the son really set fire to the house?
The Amityville Horror
Is this 2005 horror remake possessed by the truth or fiction?
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Based on the exorcism story of Anneliese Michel.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Was there really a Leatherface? What did he look like?
The Mothman Prophecies
Would the real Mothman be a fan of the Richard Gere movie?
The Amityville Horror
Is the truth as haunting as the famous 1979 movie?
Explore the inspiration behind this shark attack movie.