History vs. Hollywood


The origins of History vs. Hollywood can be traced back to the early 2000s when it was part of a larger movie website called Chasing the Frog, which launched in 2001. It was there that the first Reel vs. Real articles were published that compared movies based on true stories to the real-life events that inspired them. By 2010, it was clear that these articles deserved their own home, and thus HistoryvsHollywood.com was born. Since then, we have served hundreds of millions of readers around the world with thoroughly researched articles that include our staple side-by-side photo comparisons of the characters and their real-life counterparts.

Over the years, History vs. Hollywood has been featured and cited in newspapers, on podcasts, in research papers, and in magazines. Our first prominent interview came in 2014 when we were interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times about that year's Oscar race. In recent years, we launched our YouTube channel, which continues to grow on a monthly basis.