Music Movies Based on True Stories

Clouds movieClouds: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Is Disney+'s version of Zach Sobiech's story in tune with the truth?
Military Wives movieMilitary Wives: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  How much fiction invades this story of soldiers' wives who start a choir?
Judy movieJudy: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Is this Judy Garland biopic accurate, or does the truth get lost somewhere over the rainbow?
The Dirt movieThe Dirt: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  We dig into The Dirt to reveal how much of the Netflix movie is factual.
Bob Marley movieBob Marley Biopic in the Works at Paramount
Music  |  Son Ziggy Marley is teaming with the studio to develop the movie.
The Greatest Showman movieThe Greatest Showman: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Was P.T. Barnum really the upstanding hero that the movie makes him out to be?
Florence Foster Jenkins movieFlorence Foster Jenkins: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Meryl Streep is supposed to be out of tune, but is the truth as well?
Bessie movieBessie: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Find out if Bessie sings in tune with the truth.
Hamilton MusicalHamilton: The Musical vs. History
Music  |  Is Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical in line with history?
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I Still Believe movieI Still Believe: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Find out if Jeremy Camp's real-life story of love and loss is in sync with the movie.
Rocketman movieRocketman: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Does this Elton John biopic get drowned out by too much fiction?
Bohemian Rhapsody MovieBohemian Rhapsody: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Is it the real story, or is it just fantasy?
I Can Only Imagine movieI Can Only Imagine: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  A struggling singer must confront his past before he can find success.
All Eyez on Me movieAll Eyez on Me: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Does the Tupac biopic keep its eyes on the truth?
I Saw the Light movieI Saw the Light: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Does this movie starring British actor Tom Hiddleston accurately capture the life of country singer Hank Williams?
Danny Collins movieDanny Collins: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Read John Lennon's original letter that was lost for over 3 decades.

Whether it's a sweeping true musical movie like The Sound of Music, or a singer biopic that asks us to Walk the Line, it's hard not to become emotionally engaged as we stomp our feet and feel the urge to sing along to music movies based on true stories. Whatever musical genre you prefer, Hollywood has offered its own interpretation. Many are off-key with the truth, but some hit almost every note. Pick up your guitar or put on your favorite soundtrack, as we examine band and singer biopics as well as musicals based on true stories.
Is this Disney+ movie about a teen musician battling cancer in tune with the truth?
How accurate is Broadway's biography of Alexander Hamilton?
Military Wives
Military spouses and girlfriends form a choir that becomes a global sensation, but does the film stay in harmony with the truth?
I Still Believe
The story of singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp and his experience with love and loss early in his career.
A look at the life of legendary performer Judy Garland (Renée Zellweger).
Does this Elton John biopic contain too much fantasy and not enough fact?
The Dirt
Did rock band Mötley Crüe really do all of the crazy things seen in the movie?
Bohemian Rhapsody
Does the movie stay in tune with the facts?
I Can Only Imagine
The movie tells the story behind MercyMe's hit song, but how much of it really happened?
The Greatest Showman
How accurate is The Greatest Showman when compared to the real P.T. Barnum?
All Eyez on Me
Chronicles the career of Tupac Shakur up until the 1996 drive-by shooting that took his life.
Florence Foster Jenkins
It's okay Meryl Streep hits the wrong notes, but is the truth out of tune as well?
I Saw the Light
Is this Tom Hiddleston movie in tune with the real-life of country-western singer Hank Williams?
Queen Latifah portrays bisexual blues singer Bessie Smith, who rose to fame in the 1920s.
Danny Collins
Did fame and fortune corrupt the life of the real musician?
Jimi: All Is by My Side
Does this Jimi Hendrix movie miss a chord with regard to the truth?
Get on Up
Does the James Brown biopic get funky with the truth?
Jersey Boys
Is director Clint Eastwood's adaptation of the Jersey Boys musical in tune with regard to the truth?
Does this Biggie Smalls movie drop an authentic beat?
Walk the Line
Find out if this Johnny Cash movie walks the line when it comes to the truth.