Dumb Money: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  An ordinary guy flips the script on Wall Street by helping to drive up GameStop's stock price.
The Hill: History vs. Hollywood
Baseball  |  Rickey Hill dreams of playing in the big leagues despite a seemingly insurmountable disability.
The Beanie Bubble: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  The movie tells a significantly fictionalized story of Beanie Babies inventor Ty Warner and the women who played key roles in his company's success.
Sound of Freedom: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  A Special Agent with Homeland Security quits his job to try and complete his mission of rescuing children from human traffickers.
The Crowded Room: History vs. Hollywood
Crime  |  Tom Holland portrays alleged rapist Danny Sullivan, a character inspired by Billy Milligan.
Reality: History vs. Hollywood
Political  |  Meet the real NSA contractor who leaked the classified report to The Intercept.
A Small Light: History vs. Hollywood
War  |  In this Nat Geo miniseries, Miep Gies risks her life to help hide Anne Frank and her family.
On a Wing and a Prayer: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  When their pilot dies not long after takeoff, a father (Dennis Quaid) grabs the controls to try to save his family.
A Million Miles Away: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  A former migrant farmworker strives to achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut.
Gran Turismo: History vs. Hollywood
Sports  |  Meet the expert Gran Turismo player who was given a shot at becoming a real-life race car driver.
Oppenheimer: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  The Christopher Nolan film tells the story of American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb.
Maggie Moore(s): History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  Is this dark comedy about two women with the same name murdered days apart grounded in reality?
Flamin' Hot: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Did Richard Montañez create Flamin' Hot Cheetos, or is the movie perpetuating a lie?
BlackBerry: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Does this rise-and-fall story of the BlackBerry smartphone run into static when it comes to historical accuracy?
The Pope's Exorcist: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  Has the truth been exorcised from this Russell Crowe horror movie?
Air: History vs. Hollywood
Basketball  |  How much of this story of Nike's efforts to sign Michael Jordan is based in reality?


Dumb Money
A computer nerd flips the script on Wall Street by driving up GameStop's stock value.
A Million Miles Away
Actor Michael Peña portrays José Hernández, a migrant farmworker who dreams of becoming an astronaut.
The Hill
Rickey Hill dreams of playing big league baseball despite a seemingly insurmountable medical condition.
Gran Turismo
Meet the real Gran Turismo player who became an actual race car driver.
The Beanie Bubble
The Apple TV+ movie tells the story of toy salesman Ty Warner and the rise and fall of Beanie Babies.
The Christopher Nolan film explores the story of scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb.
Sound of Freedom
An agent with Homeland Security quits his job in order to rescue children from human traffickers.
Maggie Moore(s)
When two women with the same name are murdered a week apart, a police chief (Jon Hamm) looks for a connection.
The Crowded Room
Tom Holland portrays Danny Sullivan, a character inspired by The Campus Rapist, Billy Milligan.
Flamin' Hot
Did Richard Montañez create Flamin' Hot Cheetos, or is the film perpetuating a lie?
NSA translator Reality Winner leaks a classified intelligence report to The Intercept.
The movie chronicles the rise and fall of the world's first smartphone, dubbed "CrackBerry" by its users.
A Small Light
The Nat Geo miniseries tells the story of Miep Gies, one of the people who helped hide Anne Frank and her family.
The Pope's Exorcist
The Vatican's chief exorcist battles an evil that is unlike anything he's encountered.
On a Wing and a Prayer
When their pilot dies suddenly mid-flight, a father tries to land the plane.
Nike's Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) wants to create a shoe around rookie Michael Jordan.
Henk Rogers (Taron Egerton) travels behind the Iron Curtain to secure the rights to the video game Tetris.
Boston Strangler
Reporter Loretta McLaughlin connects the murders and breaks the story of the Boston Strangler.
White House Plumbers
Meet the Watergate masterminds who unintentionally toppled a presidency.
Jesus Revolution
A community of teenage hippies in Southern California inspire a spiritual awakening in the early 1970s.
Dear Edward
A 12-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a plane crash that kills 191 people, including his family.
80 for Brady
Four seniors decide to make it their mission to attend the Super Bowl and meet Tom Brady.
True Spirit
16-year-old Jessica Watson tries to become the youngest person to sail solo and nonstop around the world.
Dog Gone
A father and son search for their dog that went missing along the Appalachian Trail.
Cocaine Bear
A 500-pound black bear consumes a duffel bag full of cocaine, which sends it on a drug-fueled killing spree.
A runaway slave named Peter (Will Smith) tries to make his way through the Louisiana swamps to the Union Army.

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