The Dig: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Do the facts get buried in this story of one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time?
Our Friend: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  A couple confronts a cancer diagnosis with the help of their best friend.
All My Life: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  A couple moves their wedding forward after a cancer diagnosis. Does the movie stay true to the real-life love story?
Hillbilly Elegy: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Does Ron Howard's adaptation of J.D. Vance's memoir about his difficult childhood in America's Rust Belt stick closely to the facts?
Clouds: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Is Disney+'s version of Zach Sobiech's story in tune with the truth?
The Trial of the Chicago 7: History vs. Hollywood
Political  |  Aaron Sorkin's latest directorial effort is a one-sided take on a two-sided series of events surrounding the 1968 Democratic National Convention.
The One and Only Ivan: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  Meet the real gorilla that inspired the movie.
Hamilton: The Musical vs. History
Music  |  Is Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical in line with history?
Penguin Bloom: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  An injured magpie helps to bring a mother out of despair in the wake of a tragic accident.
Safety: History vs. Hollywood
Football  |  Are the facts left on the sidelines in this story of a college football player who takes custody of his younger brother?
Mank: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  David Fincher's film explores the writing of Citizen Kane, but it doesn't entirely stick to the facts.
2 Hearts: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Two love stories unfolding in different decades converge, but how closely does the film stick to the truth?
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The Right Stuff Series: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Does the Disney+ astronaut TV series leave the truth on the launchpad?
The Outpost: History vs. Hollywood
War  |  Does this story of an outnumbered group of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan stick to the facts?
Greyhound: History vs. Hollywood
War  |  Which aspects of the Tom Hanks naval thriller are rooted in history?


The Dig
An archaeologist named Basil Brown (Ralph Fiennes) embarks on a dig at Sutton Hoo in England, the site of two early medieval cemetaries.
Penguin Bloom
After an accident leaves a mother paralyzed, the family takes in an injured Magpie that helps to change their perspective.
Our Friend
When a couple receives devastating news, a close friend arrives to help, but is the story in line with the real events?
Are the facts left on the bench in this tale of a college football player who takes custody of his brother?
Does David Fincher's story of the writing of Citizen Kane stick to the facts?
All My Life
A couple rushes their wedding plans after the husband-to-be is diagnosed with cancer.
Hillbilly Elegy
Does Ron Howard's film about J.D. Vance's difficult upbringing in Appalachia stay true to his memoir?
2 Hearts
The stories of two couples intersect when tragedy strikes, but how much is based on the real couples?
Is this Disney+ movie about a teen musician battling cancer in tune with the truth?
The Trial of the Chicago 7
Is Aaron Sorkin's film too polarized in its perspective of the Chicago Seven?
The Right Stuff
How accurate is this Disney+ TV adaptation of Tom Wolfe's book about John Glenn and the space race?
The One and Only Ivan
The Disney+ movie tells the story of a 400-pound silverback gorilla named Ivan who is confined in a suburban shopping mall with other animals.
The Outpost
How accurate is this story of a small force of U.S. soldiers who defend their outpost from hundreds of Taliban?
How accurate is Broadway's biography of Alexander Hamilton?
Based on a novel, the Tom Hanks film was inspired by a real-life WWII battle.
Authorities lay siege to religious leader David Koresh's Branch Davidian compound in 1993.
Military Wives
Military spouses and girlfriends form a choir that becomes a global sensation, but does the film stay in harmony with the truth?
Is it possible that Al Capone was faking dementia to get out of prison?
Mrs. America
Hollywood finds the villain in conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, but is it the truth?
Bad Education
Hugh Jackman portrays Frank Tassone, the superintendent at the heart of the Long Island school scandal.
UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello finds himself in a perilous situation in the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq.
Tiger King
This wildly popular Netflix documentary tells the at-times exaggerated story of big-cat zoo operator Joe Exotic.
Lost Girls
We compare the Netflix series to Shannan Gilbert's real-life disappearance.
Self Made
Meet the real African American hair-care entrepreneur behind the rags-to-riches story.
I Still Believe
The story of singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp and his experience with love and loss early in his career.
For Life
How much of the ABC TV series For Life is rooted in fact?
The Last Full Measure
Is this story about an Air Force pararescueman's heroism true to history?

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