The Real Conjuring House Circa 1885

Real Conjuring Farmhouse

The real Conjuring farmhouse photo above displays the Perron family's farmhouse in approximately 1885, back when it was the Arnold Estate. While it's possible that suspected witch Bathsheba Sherman could be in this photo since she lived on the neighboring farm, it is also possible that she had already passed away by the time that this picture of the Arnold Estate was taken.

The woman standing to the left of the center of the photo, who appears to be wearing a surgical mask, is most likely trying to protect herself from one of the bacteria born epidemics of the day, possibly diphtheria, tuberculosis or influenza. Various videos and websites have eluded to this woman as possibly being Bathsheba. This notion originated from a video made to promote House of Darkness House of Light, the self-published book by author Andrea Perron, the eldest of the Perron sisters. Yet, the video makes no direct claim that the woman is Bathsheba. It merely zooms in on her image as a suggestive promotional tactic when it mentions the accused witch. We've found no evidence to the contrary, nor would it be easy for anyone to know for sure the identity of the masked woman. She was more than likely singled out because she is the most visible and the most frightening looking individual in this vintage photo of the real-life Conjuring house.