The Amityville Ghost Photo

The photo below was allegedly taken inside the Amityville house in 1976. It has become one of the most famous paranormal photos of all time. It features what appears to be a young boy with white eyes who is peaking out of a doorway. George Lutz revealed the Amityville ghost boy photo on the Merv Griffin show back in 1979, three years after it was taken. The image was supposedly captured by Gene Campbell, a professional photographer who was part of the team who worked with paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Gene had set up an automatic camera that took infrared pictures to capture the second floor landing during the night. Equipped with black and white film, his camera captured this Amityville ghost boy photo that some have speculated could be the ghost of the murdered child, John Defeo, who had lived in the house with his family prior to the Lutzs.

Jay Moriarity Wipeout

Others believe that the image is that of Paul Bartz, an investigator working with the Warrens the night that the photo was taken. The white eyes could have been caused by the infrared film. Dozens of websites have set out to prove or disprove the Amityville ghost photo, but most people have yet to be convinced one way or the other; thus allowing the infamous photo to continue to cast its spell.