Chernobyl Miners Tunneling Under the Nuclear Reactor

Watch footage of the Chernobyl miners tunneling under Reactor Number 4 in 1986. Their goal was to dig out an area to install a heat exchanger to cool the concrete slab above and prevent the nuclear lava from reaching the groundwater. They believed their work was essential. However, it was actually based on the probability that the lava would reach the concrete slab. Scientists felt that the chance for catastrophe was too great not to have the miners dig under the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. It turned out that their work was for nothing, as the lava never reached the slab. It's true that they worked in intense heat, as seen in the footage in this Chernobyl miners video. The HBO miniseries exaggerates the amount of clothing they took off to deal with the sweltering conditions. Related Article: Chernobyl: History vs. Hollywood

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