Footage of Chernobyl Biorobots Cleaning the Roof

After the remote controlled lunar rovers and robotic vehicles failed to get the job done, soldiers and reservists were brought in to complete the mission of cleaning off the roof at Chernobyl. The rooftop in question was named Masha. When Reactor Number 4 exploded, it left radioactive debris, mainly graphite, littered all over the roof. Some pieces were small, while others required several men to move. This footage of the biorobots at Chernobyl shows the men wearing their homemade protective gear made out of sheets of lead. They also wore a protective plate that they called an "egg basket" over their crotches. Each man spent no more than two minutes on the roof at Chernobyl before his work was done there, forever. A total of 3,828 biorobots were involved in the cleanup of the roof, which was then arguably the most deadly place in the world. Related Article: Chernobyl: History vs. Hollywood

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