Korey Wise Full Confession Central Park 5

This is Korey Wise's statement that he gave on April 21, 1989 regarding the Central Park assaults that unfolded on the night of April 19. The reason that Korey Wise's confession is almost two hours long is because it's separated into two parts. After finishing the first videotaped interview with Assistant DA Elizabeth Lederer, he asks to speak with her again. He says that the original confession he gave a little over an hour earlier was a lie because he was trying to "play innocent." When asked, he says that the detectives didn't tell him to change his statement, but it's hard to imagine he requested the second interview entirely out of his own volition. In comparing the two, it is clear that the first statement is much more inconsistent than the second, as he was clearly trying not to implicate himself. Related Article: When They See Us: History vs. Hollywood

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