Unsung Hero: History vs. Hollywood Episode

The For King & Country movie Unsung Hero is compared to the real story of the Smallbone Family's struggles after arriving in America from Australia in 1991 with almost no money. Starring Joel Smallbone as his father David, this Christian movie based on a true story focuses on the musical breakout of their oldest child, daughter Rebecca Smallbone (Kirrilee Berger), who is best known today by her stage name, Rebecca St. James. The film also highlights the role of their mother, Helen Smallbone (Daisy Betts), as she holds the family together in their dire financial situation.

In exploring the historical accuracy of the Unsung Hero For King & Country movie, we reveal answers to questions about the real story like, are Lucas Black and Candace Cameron Bure's characters, Jed and Kay Albright, based on real people, and did Rebecca Smallbone perform her song "You Make Everything Beautiful" at her real-life audition for Eddie DeGarmo? In fact-checking this Christian true story movie, we also present side-by-side photos of the actors vs. real life. Related Article: Unsung Hero: History vs. Hollywood

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