Jim Caviezel and Michael Chiklis Interview

After watching the interview with the real Bob Ladouceur and Terry Eidson, check out this interview with their onscreen counterparts, Jim Caviezel and Michael Chiklis. The actors talk about the difficulty in portraying living coaches and what makes When the Game Stands Tall different from other sports movies. Related Article: When the Game Stands Tall: History vs. Hollywood

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 Bob Ladouceur and Terry Eidson Interview

Coach Bob Ladouceur and Assistant Coach Terry Eidson are interviewed about their reaction to the movie and what made them want to become coaches. Ladouceur comments on the similar reserved demeanor that he shares with his onscreen counterpart, Jim Caviezel, and Terry Eidson talks about convincing Ladouceur that the movie was a good idea.

 De La Salle High School Football Documentary

This De La Salle documentary takes a closer look at the school, the coach, the team and what makes them so successful. The subdued atmosphere at the school is showcased and Coach Bob Ladouceur discusses why it's important to not focus on wins and losses, being that they are merely outcomes. Defensive coach Terry Eidson also comments on the emphasis on brotherhood and teaching each player that there's someone more important in this world than you.

 Bob Ladouceur Locker Room Speech

Listen to De La Salle coach Bob Ladouceur's locker room speech that he gave to his players the day before their game against Mater Dei High School in 2000. He talks about truly discovering who you are when faced with adversity and realizing that you are not alone in making that discovery. You are part of a team and you are all facing the same challenge. Like in the movie, the players can be seen holding hands as they head out to the field.

 When the Game Stands Tall Trailer

Watch the When the Game Stands Tall movie trailer for the football movie starring Jim Caviezel and Alexander Ludwig. The film tells the true-to-life story of high school football coach Bob Ladouceur (Caviezel), whose De La Salle Spartans achieved a record-setting 151-game win streak.

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