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Basketball  |  How much of this story of Nike's efforts to sign Michael Jordan is based in reality?

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They have inspired us to practice our foul shots, three-pointers, dribbling and layups. Join us as we examine the reality behind these true basketball movies. Whether it was teaching us to work better as a team by passing four times before each shot, or inspiring us to play our best amidst adversity, we undoubtedly dribble harder, run faster and shoot better with these true stories in our lives. What if we told you that the team manager didn't take the suspenseful final shot in the movie Hoosiers, or that the team was much more dominant than the movie showed? Knowing the facts behind these basketball movies based on true stories doesn't mean that they should inspire us less, it just means that their seemingly miraculous achievements are ever more within our reach.
Nike's Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) wants to create a shoe around rookie Michael Jordan.
Find out if the real basketball team's story was as dramatic as the movie.