Walter Keane Interview - Merv Griffin Show 1966

This Big Eyes movie featurette features a 1966 Walter Keane interview from The Merv Griffin Show. When asked why the children are so sad-eyed and lost looking, Walter Keane replies, "Well, I started painting children like this in Berlin after the war." Walter then proceeds to hit on another female guest on the show. This interview is the only known video footage of Walter Keane. Related Article: Big Eyes: History vs. Hollywood

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 Margaret Keane Interview

This Margaret Keane interview features the 87-year-old artist discussing painting, her inspiration for the big-eyed waifs, and her ex-husband Walter Keane. She says that she "wasn't very strong" and describes her situation with Walter as being a "total nightmare." She says that living with the lies was a "horrible" experience that was "tearing me apart."

 Big Eyes Trailer

Tim Burton directs Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz as Margaret and Walter Keane, an American painter and her husband, who tried to take credit for her work. In the movie, their divorce battle reaches a climax in a courtroom where a judge puts up two easels, side by side, and asks each of them to paint one of the famous big-eyed paintings.

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