The Railway Man Trailer

Colin Firth portrays World War II prisoner of war survivor Eric Lomax, who years later attempted to reconcile with the past that haunted him by tracking down one of his Japanese captors. In the film, Nicole Kidman portrays his second wife Patti and Stellan Skarsgård portrays his best friend Finlay. Watch The Railway Man movie trailer for an overview of the movie's interpretation of the story, which was adapted from Lomax's book of the same name. Related Article: The Railway Man: History vs. Hollywood

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 Eric Lomax Remembered

This BBC segment aired shortly after Eric Lomax's death in 2012. It features photos and clips of Lomax recalling his torture, his experience as a POW held by the Japanese, and his eventual reunion with his tormentor, Takashi Nagase.

 Colin Firth Meets Eric Lomax on Set

WWII veteran Eric Lomax pays a visit to the set of The Railway Man starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman. Colin Firth chats with Lomax in several brief clips and Nicole Kidman can be seen talking with Eric's wife, Patti Lomax, her counterpart in the film. Sadly, Eric passed away before the movie was completed.

 Eric Lomax and Takashi Nagase Meeting for the First Time Since WWII

This powerful clip shows former POW Eric Lomax meeting Takashi Nagase, his Japanese tormentor, for the first time since World War II. "As a member of the Japanese army, we treated your country very, very badly," Nagase tells Lomax. As Takashi Nagase opens up to Lomax, he takes hold of Lomax's arm, remembering where it had been broken when he was tortured.

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