The Dig: History vs. Hollywood

In this episode, we sift out the facts from the fiction in the movie The Dig starring Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan as amateur archaeologist Basil Brown and the woman who hires him, Edith Pretty, respectively. Edith employed Basil to excavate the burial mounds on her Sutton Hoo estate. We answer questions about The Dig's historical accuracy, including did the excavation take place all in one summer? Is the romance between Rory Lomax and Peggy Piggott real? Are any of the characters fictional? Did a mound cave in on Basil Brown? Was Peggy's husband, Stuart Piggot, a closeted gay man? Was Edith Pretty ill at the time? Was she awarded ownership of the artifacts found on her Sutton Hoo property?  Related Article: The Dig: History vs. Hollywood

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