Roberto Duran vs. Sugar Ray Leonard Rematch

The November 25, 1980 rematch between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard has become known as the "No Mas" fight. It took place roughly five months after their first bout, which Duran won by unanimous decision. Instead of standing flat-footed as he had done with Duran in the first fight, Leonard moved around a lot, not letting Duran trap him against the ropes. He also taunted Duran, and in the closing seconds of the eighth round, a worn out and incensed Duran turned his back to Leonard, waved his glove, and quit the fight. It was believed that he told referee Octavio Meyran, "No mas" ("No more" in Spanish) but Duran has clarified that he actually never said those words. Related Article: Hands of Stone: History vs. Hollywood

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