Princess Diana's Panorama Interview (1995)

Diana talks about her struggles with living up to her duties as the Princess of Wales. She also talks about battling depression that led to self-mutilation and a struggle with bulimia, both the result of dealing with the anxiety caused in part by a troubled marriage. It is one of her most well-known and candid interviews. Related Article: Diana: History vs. Hollywood

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 Princess Diana Watches a Heart Operation

View a news report featuring footage of Princess Diana watching a young boy's heart operation at Harefield Hospital in London in 1996. She observed the four-hour operation in the operating room dressed in a surgical masked and gown. In the video, Diana says that she gains much more insight and knowledge from actually seeing what the doctors and nurses do. Chain of Hope, a charity Diana was involved with, made the surgery possible by bringing the boy from Cameroon to the UK where the operation could be performed.

 Princess Diana Walks Through a Mine Field

In 1997, the real Princess Diana traveled to Angola to raise awareness for land mine clearance. This footage shows her walking through a partially cleared mine field and detonating a land mine. The highly publicized moment was recreated for the Diana movie starring Naomi Watts.

 Princess Diana Narrates Her Land Mine TV Special

Princess Diana narrates this footage from her 1997 trip to Angola to raise awareness for the clearing of land mines. The princess talks to the innocent victims of land mine explosions. At one point, we see her twice push away the microphone of a reporter, whom she felt was being too intrusive toward one land mine victim.

 Diana Movie Trailer

Watch the Diana trailer for the film that explores that last two years of Princess Diana's life, specifically her secret intimate relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan, a heart surgeon. Actress Naomi Watts portrays the late princess and actor Naveen Andrews (TV's LOST) portrays Dr. Khan.

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