McDonald's Coffee Lawsuit - McDonald's Hot Coffee Burns Woman

On February 27, 1992, Stella Liebeck spilled McDonald's hot coffee in her lap after putting it between her legs and taking the lid off in her car. After ending up in the hospital with third degree burns, she sued McDonald's, with her lawyer arguing that the coffee was unreasonably hot and therefore unreasonably dangerous. Liebeck was awarded $2.9 million but claims that she didn't do it for the money. She says she launched the McDonald's coffee lawsuit so McDonald's would bring the temperature down and no one else would get hurt. This report investigates the story, including how it spiraled into a national punchline. The report attempts to show why the case wasn't as absurd as what people believed, including showing photographs of the skin grafts Liebeck needed to repair her burns. Related Article: The Founder: History vs. Hollywood

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