Iran Hostages Released on Day 444

This news piece chronicles the events of the day the Americans were released, Inauguration Day, January 20, 1981. It describes President Jimmy Carter's last ditch efforts to get the hostages released before President Ronald Reagan took his oath of office. Related Article: Argo: History vs. Hollywood

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 Canadian Caper 1980 PBS Documentary

This PBS documentary is told through the eyes of the real Americans who escaped from Iran. The real Bob Anders, Mark Lijek, Cora Lijek and Lee Schatz are interviewed, in addition to a handful of others who were involved. What's most interesting is that they were then still required to lie about the CIA's involvement in their escape.

 Tony Mendez 2013 Interview

This news piece features Tony Mendez in 2013 shortly after Argo won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Tony talks about going to the Oscars and reflects on the Argo true story.

 Argo Movie Trailer

Argo movie trailer for the 2012 fact-based film directed by and starring Ben Affleck.

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