Gary Webb Talks About the Dark Alliance Controversy

The real Gary Webb talks about his 1996 story "Dark Alliance," which criticizes the CIA's involvement (or lack thereof) with regard to the cocaine coming into the U.S. during the 1980s. Webb discusses the "Dark Alliance" controversy, including the government's refusal to respond to his story and the media's desire to kill it. This included his own newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News, which at first supported him, then turned against him. Related Article: Kill the Messenger: History vs. Hollywood

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 Kill the Messenger Trailer

Watch the Kill the Messenger movie trailer for the movie that tells the story of Gary Webb, a journalist who wrote about a link between the CIA and crack cocaine, accusing the organization of turning a blind eye to the cocaine coming into the U.S. from Nicaraguan drug traffickers, pointing out that the U.S. government had been backing the Nicaraguan Contras and did not want to stop the traffickers from reaping huge drug profits, which in turn allowed them to fund the rebels.

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