Efraim Diveroli Phone Conversation with Box Guy Kosta Trebicka

This phone conversation between Efraim Diveroli and Kosta Trebicka (renamed Enver in the movie) was recorded by Trebicka to use as evidence against the 22-year-old Efraim Diveroli, then-President of Miami based AEY, Inc. Trebicka was upset his government had cut him from the deal and replaced him with a company run by a friend of the prime minister's son. He held Diveroli partially accountable because he went to his government on Diveroli's behalf to try and have Henri Thomet (Bradley Cooper in the movie) removed from the deal. It backfired because he was unaware that Thomet was giving kickbacks to the Albanian government. Trebicka then went on a crusade against corruption in the government. He died in a suspicious "accident" in Albania in September 2008. Related Article: War Dogs: History vs. Hollywood

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