Christopher Lutz Interview

Christopher Lutz, the son of George and Kathy, tells Inside Edition in 2005 that he was "absolutely disgusted" with regard to what he saw as he watched Hollywood's take on his family's story. He discusses the accuracy of various scenes in the original and the remake, as he revisits the real Amityville house that he lived in with his family for 28 days. Related Article: The Amityville Horror: History vs. Hollywood

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 The Real Amityville Horror - Documentary

Watch a 50-minute UK TV documentary titled The Real Amityville Horror that aired in 2005. The true story is explored through real Amityville Horror photos and interviews with George Lutz, neighbors, local journalists and psychics. See excerpts of a rare 1994 Ronald DeFeo Jr. interview, the mass murderer who killed six of his family members in 1974, setting up the foundation for the Lutz's story.

 The Amityville Horror Trailer (2005)

The Amityville Horror movie trailer for the 2005 remake starring Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George as husband and wife George and Kathy Lutz. Chloë Grace Moretz portrays their daughter Missy Lutz. The movie is a fictionalized account of a family's paranormal experiences in a haunted house from the time they moved in until when they left, 28 days later.

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