Bethany Hamilton's Opinion of the Movie

Bethany Hamilton and friend Alana Blanchard share their thoughts on the Soul Surfer movie, including what it was like hanging out with their onscreen counterparts AnnaSophia Robb and Lorraine Nicholson. Related Article: Soul Surfer: History vs. Hollywood

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 Heart of a Soul Surfer Trailer (Documentary)

Watch the Heart of a Soul Surfer movie trailer for the documentary that tells the true story of the real Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm during a shark attack in 2003. Purchase the documentary in the column on the right.

 Bethany Hamilton on the Soul Surfer Set

Surfer Bethany Hamilton talks about her extensive involvement on the Soul Surfer movie set and what it's like having the real story of her life condensed into an hour and a half.

 Bethany Hamilton Childhood Clips and Photos

The real Bethany Hamilton shares her story, showing us that her love for surfing began when she was very young. Watch Bethany Hamilton home movie clips and see a pic of her former dog Ginger, portrayed by her current real-life dog Hanalei (Hana) in the movie.

 Bethany Hamilton and the Real Alana Blanchard

Bethany Hamilton hangs out with the real Alana Blanchard, portrayed by Jack Nicholson's daughter Lorraine Nicholson in the movie. Alana, a pro surfer as well, talks about her friendship with Bethany.

 Soul Surfer Trailer

Soul Surfer Movie Trailer for the movie based on the real story of Bethany Hamilton, a surfer who lost her arm to a shark in 2003.

 Bethany Hamilton Oprah Winfrey Interview

Bethany Hamilton is interviewed by Oprah Winfrey not long after the shark attack. She describes the attack and returning to surfing a mere four weeks later. She says that she had "no pain at all" when her arm was bitten off.

 2003 Bethany Hamilton Shark Attack Interview (Part 2)

Part 2 of the 2003 Bethany Hamilton interview includes comments from her parents, the real Dr. David Rovinsky who treated Bethany, and a look at her recovery process and attitude after the attack. See video of her in the hospital and images of the suspected shark after it was captured.

 2003 Bethany Hamilton Shark Attack Interview (Part 1)

Surfer Bethany Hamilton is profiled not long after the shark attack that took her arm on Halloween morning 2003. Her mother Cheri Hamilton, father Thomas Hamilton, and friend and witness Holt Blanchard are also interviewed.

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