Arthur C. Clarke Interview From Steve Jobs Movie

This 1974 Arthur C. Clarke interview is shown at the beginning of the Steve Jobs movie. The science fiction writer behind 2001: A Space Odyssey predicts that by 2001, every home will have a computer that is connected to the world. You'll be able to check your bank statements, make theater reservations, etc., and we will take it all for granted. Computers will enrich our society and let us conduct business from wherever we like, allowing us to live away from major cities. Related Article: Steve Jobs: History vs. Hollywood

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 Steve Jobs Teaser Trailer

This is the first trailer for the 2015 Steve Jobs movie starring Michael Fassbender as the eccentric entrepreneur and Apple cofounder. Kate Winslet portrays Macintosh/NeXT team member Joanna Hoffman and Seth Rogen portrays Steve Wozniak. The film comes just two years after the Ashton Kutcher Jobs movie.

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