Drama Movies Based on True Stories

Wild movieWild: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Is this Reese Witherspoon movie factual or wildly untrue?
The Theory of Everything movieThe Theory of Everything: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Did the filmmakers include the truth in their formula for the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything?
Houdini miniseries
 Adrien Brody Portrays Escape Artist Harry Houdini in History Channel Miniseries
Drama  |  Can Adrien Brody pull off the illusion of making us believe he's Harry Houdini?
Dolphin Tale 2 movie
 The Next Dolphin Tale will Emerge in Theaters in September
Drama  |  The dolphin Winter returns along with a baby dolphin named Hope.
Son of God MovieSon of God: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Join us as we pit the movie against the Bible, in addition to exploring the cast and the controversy.
Mr. Turner movie
 Director Mike Leigh Paints a Portrait of J.M.W. Turner's Life
Drama  |  Timothy Spall stars as the eccentric British painter J.M.W. Turner.
Big Eyes movie
 Tim Burton's Big Eyes Focuses on Amy Adams as Painter Margaret Keane
Drama  |  Big Eyes tells the story of the artist's marriage and subsequent divorce battle with Walter Keane, who tried to take credit for her work.
The Fault in Our Stars MovieThe Fault in Our Stars: Meet the Inspiration for Hazel
Drama  |  Meet the real-life teenager who was the inspiration for the movie's Hazel character portrayed by Shailene Woodley.
Heaven is for Real movieHeaven is for Real: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Greg Kinnear portrays the father of a boy who visits Heaven. We explore the movie, the book and the truth.
Noah movie
 Russell Crowe Defends the Ark in the Noah Movie Trailer
Drama  |  Director Darren Aronofsky's Noah attempts to tell the biblical story of the builder of the Ark.

Whether the setting is the classroom, the courtroom, a distant country or an ancient holy land, drama can unfold almost anywhere. Here, we present our research into some of the most well-known true drama movies. From a woman who made it her mission to fight for a town dying from contaminated groundwater, to a Navy diver who refused to give up after losing his leg, we explore the facts behind drama movies based on true stories. Join us as we pit History vs. Hollywood, taking a closer look at the reality behind the movies that have made us want to stand up and cheer, shake our fists at the screen, or struggle as hard as we can to hold back our tears.
The Fault in Our Stars
Meet Esther Earl, the inspiration behind Shailene Woodley's character.
Heaven is for Real
Heaven is for real. Okay, but is the movie?
Son of God
Based on the ten-hour miniseries The Bible, we explore the history, the cast and the controversy.
Reese Witherspoon ventures into the Wild, but does she bring the truth with her?
The Theory of Everything
Is this Stephen Hawking biopic as intelligent as the famous physicist?
Does this Ashton Kutcher movie compute when it comes to the truth?
12 Years a Slave
Is this unflinching tale of slavery shackled by fiction?
The Social Network
Does the Facebook movie compute with the truth?
Does this gambling film deliver an honest hand or a loaded deck?
Freedom Writers
Get to know the teacher who inspired her students to beat the odds.
The Pursuit of Happyness
Meet the real-life stockbroker who went from rags to riches.
Calendar Girls
See pics of the real Calendar Girls and purchase the latest calendar.
Finding Neverland
Does the truth get lost in Johnny Depp's Neverland?
The Passion of the Christ
Go beyond the movie as we compare the film to the history.
Antwone Fisher
Abused as a boy, a former foster child learns to shed his demons during his time in the Navy.
The Hours
Hear Virginia Woolf's voice and read her suicide letter to her husband.
Get to know the controversial artist whose physical suffering inspired her paintings.
Erin Brockovich
Meet the real woman behind the movie, who took on a power company and won.
Hear the voices of actual passengers and find out if Jack and Rose where based on real people.