Upcoming Movies Based on True Stories

Here you will find a schedule of new and upcoming true story movies. Get a jump on the biopics and real-life stories that will hit theaters in the coming months. Discover release dates, watch trailers and meet the real people who are the basis for these new movies based on true stories.
September 2016
This Discovery Channel mini-series chronicles the 1903 birth of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
We peer inside The Disappointments Room to give you the facts.
Clint Eastwood directs Tom Hanks as Capt. Sully, but does the film leave the truth on the tarmac?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays Edward Snowden, the CIA employee who leaked NSA documents about government surveillance programs.
Zach Galifianakis is a vault supervisor who makes off with $17.3 million in this story of the 1997 Loomis Fargo robbery.
Does this story of a Ugandan female chess prodigy add any fictional pieces to the board?
Is Deepwater Horizon full of leaks when it comes to the truth?
October 2016
Rachel Weisz portrays Deborah Lipstadt, who was accused of libel by Holocaust denier David Irving and subsequently had to prove that the Holocaust happened.
November 2016
Meet the real people behind more than 16 characters from the Netflix series and find out how much is fiction.
Mel Gibson directs the story of a WWII Medal of Honor winner who never fired a shot.
Does this movie about an interracial couple's right to live freely together stay faithful to the real story?
Does this story of a boxing comeback get pinned against the ropes by too much fiction?
A young Indian boy is separated from his family and uses Google Earth to try and find them 25 years later.
December 2016
Natalie Portman steps into the shoes of Jackie Kennedy.
January 2017
Is this story of three African-American women NASA mathematicians fueled by too much fiction?
Could the Bye Bye Man be coming for you, or is he pure fiction? Learn the truth.
A chronicle of the Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent terrorist manhunt.
Michael Keaton is McDonald's "founder" Ray Kroc. Now meet the real founders.
We mine the Gold movie for the facts amongst the fiction.
February 2017
David Oyelowo is a prince who's interracial marriage changes history, but did it really?
March 2017
Meet the real couple who inspired Beauty and the Beast.
Meet the real couple who hid hundreds during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw.
June 2017
Kate Mara stars as Corporal Megan Leavey, who was injured along with her combat dog Rex during an IED explosion in 2006.
Chronicles the career of Tupac Shakur up until the 1996 drive-by shooting that claimed his life.
July 2017
Christopher Nolan directs Tom Hardy in this story of the Dunkirk evacuation of WWII.