Upcoming Movies Based on True Stories

Here you will find a schedule of new and upcoming true story movies. Get a jump on the biopics and real-life stories that will hit theaters in the coming months. Discover release dates, watch trailers and meet the real people who are the basis for these new movies based on true stories.
April 2015
James Franco portrays Christian Longo, a murderer who hid by taking the name of journalist Michael Finkel, played by Jonah Hill.
May 2015
Queen Latifah portrays bisexual blues singer Bessie Smith, who rose to fame in the 1920s.
Does Texas Rising retell or rewrite the rise of the Texas Rangers?
June 2015
Meet actor Mark Wahlberg's real-life posse who inspired the Entourage TV show characters.
July 2015
The real-life story of a Polish Army colonel who spied for the CIA during the Cold War.
Are the movie's conversations taken from David Lipsky's transcripts?
August 2015
See the cast opposite their N.W.A counterparts.
Oscar Isaac portrays former Yonkers mayor Nick Wasicsko, who destroyed his political future by trying to build low-income housing units in white neighborhoods.
This Netflix TV series follows drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and the DEA agent on a mission to capture him.
September 2015
Chess prodigy Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) takes on the Soviet Union and Boris Spassky (Liev Schreiber).
Do the filmmakers hold the truth captive in this story of a single mother who is taken hostage by a murderer on the run?
Does the truth get lost on the mountain?
Johnny Depp portrays Boston gangster turned FBI informant Whitey Bulger.
Danny Winters, a fictional character, arrives in New York after being kicked out of his home over his sexuality and becomes swept up in the 1969 Stonewall Riots.
October 2015
Michael Fassbender is Steve Jobs, Seth Rogen is Steve Wozniak, and Kate Winslet is Joanna Hoffman in this movie about the cofounder of Apple.
Is this story of high-wire artist Philippe Petit wobbly with the truth?
Tom Hanks portrays lawyer James Donovan, who negotiated the release of downed pilot Gary Powers during the Cold War.
Ben Foster portrays Lance Armstrong, the cyclist stripped of his titles after a doping scandal.
Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter portray early members of the British women's suffrage movement.
November 2015
Starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams, Spotlight focuses on The Boston Globe's coverage of the Catholic Church child abuse scandal.
A chronicle of the 2010 Chilean mining disaster, including the rescue effort that lasted more than 2 months. Starring Antonio Banderas.
Tom Hardy portrays English gangsters, Reginald and Ronald Kray, identical twins who terrorized the East End of London during the 1950s and '60s.
Starring Eddie Redmayne, the film tells the story of transgender artist Lili Elbe, one of the first people to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.
December 2015
The Ron Howard film tells the real-life story of the Whaleship Essex, which sank in 1820 after it was attacked by a sperm whale.
Will Smith plays the doctor who discovered the degenerative brain disease CTE in NFL players with a history of multiple concussions.
Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Hugh Glass, an injured fur trapper whose companions rob him and leave him to die, prompting Glass to embark on a 3,000-mile trek for vengeance.
Jennifer Lawrence portrays Joy Mangano, inventor of the Miracle Mop and founder of Ingenious Designs, LLC.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays Edward Snowden, the CIA employee who leaked NSA documents about government surveillance programs.
January 2016
The movie tells the story of six members of a security team who fought to defend the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi from Islamic terrorists in 2012.
Chris Pine is a Coast Guardsman who embarks on a rescue mission in 1952 to save the crews of two sinking oil tankers.

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