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When the Game Stands Tall movieWhen the Game Stands Tall: History vs. Hollywood
Football  |  Do the facts stand tall in this football movie starring Jim Caviezel?
The Theory of Everything movie
 Stephen Hawking's Life is Explored in Biopic Based on Jane Hawking's Memoir
Drama  |  Stephen Hawking's ex-wife's biopic is the basis for The Theory of Everything.
Manhattan TV showManhattan: History vs. Hollywood
War  |  WGN America's TV show about the Manhattan Project uses real history as the backdrop for its mostly fictional characters.
The Imitation Game movie
 Benedict Cumberbatch Cracks Nazi Codes in The Imitation Game Trailer
War  |  Cumberbatch portrays British code breaker Alan Turing.
Deliver Us from Evil MovieDeliver Us From Evil: History vs. Hollywood
Horror  |  This R-rated Eric Bana horror movie delivers gore and creepiness, but does it deliver the truth?
Wild movie
 Reese Witherspoon Ventures Into the Wild in New Trailer
Drama  |  The actress portrays Cheryl Strayed, author of the memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.
Jersey Boys movieJersey Boys: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Were The Four Seasons really as troubled as the movie makes them out to be?
Zodiac killerIs this Man the Zodiac Killer?
Serial Killer  |  Son is convinced that his deceased father was the Zodiac killer.
Get on Up James Brown movieGet On Up: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Boseman, who previously starred in the biopic 42, wants audiences to Get on Up.
The Last Ship TV showIs the USS Nathan James a Real Navy Ship?
War  |  Learn about the origin of The Last Ship's USS Nathan James and find out whether parachute sails are a real technology.
Jimi: All Is by My Side movie
 Andre Benjamin Channels Hendrix in the All Is by My Side Trailer
Music  |  Watch the first trailer for the upcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic.
Unbroken movie
 Unbroken Trailer Displays Unbreakable Spirit of Louis Zamperini
War  |  The real-life Zamperini passed away on July 2 at age 97.
Exodus: Gods and Kings movie
 Christian Bale Faces Off Against Rhamses in the Exodus: Gods and Kings Trailer
War  |  Check out the first trailer for the Ridley Scott biblical epic.
Kill the Messenger movie
 Jeremy Renner Stirs Up Controversy in the Kill the Messenger Trailer
Political  |  The actor portrays Gary Webb, the journalist who attempted to expose a link between the CIA and the crack cocaine epidemic.


When the Game Stands Tall
Does the movie fumble when it comes to the truth?
Get on Up
Does the James Brown biopic get funky with the truth?
We compare the Manhattan TV show to real life at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project.
Deliver Us From Evil
Does this crime/horror movie deliver the truth?
Jersey Boys
Is director Clint Eastwood's adaptation of the Jersey Boys musical in tune with regard to the truth?
The Fault in Our Stars
Meet Esther Earl, the inspiration behind Shailene Woodley's character.
Million Dollar Arm
Does this Jon Hamm Disney baseball movie hit too many foul balls regarding the truth?
The Quiet Ones
Does this horror movie keep the truth quiet as well?
Heaven is for Real
Heaven is for real. Okay, but is the movie?
The Railway Man
Colin Firth portrays Eric Lomax, a WWII POW who tracks down one of his former captors for closure.
300: Rise of an Empire
It's a bloody, sexy, violent spectacle, but how much of the 300 sequel is true?
Son of God
Based on the ten-hour miniseries The Bible, we explore the history, the cast and the controversy.
The Monuments Men
Does director George Clooney paint over the facts with too much fiction?
The Goldbergs
Meet the real-life Goldbergs and learn how much of the show is true.
Lone Survivor
Mark Wahlberg fights for his life, but does the truth hold up in the onscreen version of the battle.
The Wolf of Wall Street
Does the film cry wolf with regard to the truth?
Saving Mr. Banks
Meet the real Mary Poppins author and learn the truth behind her battle with Disney.
American Hustle
Does the truth get hustled by the fiction?
12 Years a Slave
Is this unflinching tale of slavery shackled by fiction?
Captain Phillips
Climb aboard Tom Hanks's character's cargo ship as we explore the facts behind Captain Phillips.
The Amityville Horror
Is this 2005 horror remake possessed by the truth or fiction?

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