Just Mercy: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Do the facts prevail in this story of an attorney who fights for the life of a wrongfully convicted black man on Death Row?
Togo: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Does this sled dog movie stay on course with the facts?
The Irishman: History vs. Hollywood
Gangster  |  Martin Scorsese directs Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in a movie that attempts to answer who killed Jimmy Hoffa, but should we believe a story that's riddled with holes?
Ford v Ferrari: History vs. Hollywood
Sports  |  How much of this car racing film is fiction?
Harriet: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Is this action movie a factual depiction of Harriet Tubman's life?
How Much of the "Downton Abbey" Movie is Historically Accurate?
Drama  |  Did the King and Queen visit overnight at estates like Downton? Is the assassination attempt on the King historically based?
Dolemite Is My Name: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  Was the evolution of Dolemite as outrageous as what's seen in the Eddie Murphy movie?
Brian Banks: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Does this story of a wrongfully convicted high school football star stay in bounds with regard to the facts?
1917: History vs. Hollywood
War  |  How much of this Sam Mendes' WWI movie was inspired by his grandfather's experience in the war?
Richard Jewell: History vs. Hollywood
Crime  |  Where does this story about a wrongfully accused American hero veer from the facts?
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Does too much fiction cloud the neighborhood in this Mister Rogers movie starring Tom Hanks?
Midway: History vs. Hollywood
War  |  Is director Roland Emmerich's version of the Battle of Midway true to history?
The Current War: History vs. Hollywood
Drama  |  Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse battle over whose current will power America, but does the story fail to stay plugged in to the truth?
Judy: History vs. Hollywood
Music  |  Is this Judy Garland biopic accurate, or does the truth get lost somewhere over the rainbow?
Hustlers: History vs. Hollywood
Crime  |  Former strippers develop a scheme to scam wealthy men from Wall Street, but how much of it actually happened?
The Farewell: History vs. Hollywood
Comedy  |  A family decides not to tell the grandma that she has cancer. How much of the movie, based on the director's personal story, is true?


Just Mercy
Does this story of an attorney who fights to free a black man on Death Row perjure itself with too much fiction?
Two WWI soldiers are tasked with delivering a message that could save hundreds of lives, but did it happen?
Meet the real sled dog who helped save Nome from a diphtheria epidemic.
Richard Jewell
The media got Richard Jewell wrong, but does Clint Eastwood get his story right?
The Irishman
Robert De Niro and Al Pacino star in a film about the man who supposedly killed Jimmy Hoffa, but is the movie a lie?
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Is the Tom Hanks Mister Rogers movie filled with too much fiction?
Ford v Ferrari
Does this car racing movie about the 1966 Le Mans rivalry leave the truth in the dust?
Is director Roland Emmerich's version of the WWII Battle of Midway accurate?
Harriet Tubman frees dozens of slaves through the Underground Railroad, but is the biopic factual?
The Current War
Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse face off to see whose electrical current will power the world.
Downton Abbey
Which parts of the Downton Abbey movie are true to history?
Dolemite Is My Name
Was Rudy Ray Moore's life really that outrageous?
A look at the life of legendary performer Judy Garland (Renée Zellweger).
Strip club employees scam their Wall Street clients, but how much of it happened in real life?
The Farewell
A family finds out the grandma is dying and decides to keep it from her. How much of this lie is true?
Brian Banks
An standout football player's NFL dreams are suspended after he's falsely accused of rape and sent to prison.
A young man taken in by a group of skinheads decides to shed that part of his life, but is the story accurate?
When They See Us
The Netflix miniseries presents a searing tale of racial injustice while distorting the truth.
Does this HBO miniseries about the Chernobyl disaster deliver a heavy does of fiction or fact?
Does this Elton John biopic contain too much fantasy and not enough fact?
The Act
How accurate is this story of a mother who keeps her daughter captive by fake illnesses?
The film explores the formative years of author J.R.R. Tolkien.
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
Does fiction suffocate the facts in this Ted Bundy film?
Is the movie's miraculous survival story fact or mostly fiction?
The Best of Enemies
A civil rights activist works with a Klan leader, but is the story accurate?
The Dirt
Did rock band Mötley Crüe really do all of the crazy things seen in the movie?
Fighting with My Family
Does this story of WWE wrestler Paige get pinned by too much fiction?

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