War / Political Movies Based on True Stories

The Imitation Game movieThe Imitation Game: History vs. Hollywood
War  |  Does this Alan Turing biopic encrypt the truth?
Kill the Messenger movieKill the Messenger: History vs. Hollywood
Political  |  Jeremy Renner portrays Gary Webb, the journalist who attempted to expose a link between the CIA and the crack cocaine epidemic.
Rosewater movie
 Jon Stewart Wants Viewers to Smell the Rosewater
Political  |  In his directorial debut, Jon Stewart brings the story of tortured journalist Maziar Bahari to the big screen.
The Last Ship TV showIs the USS Nathan James a Real Navy Ship?
War  |  Learn about the origin of The Last Ship's USS Nathan James and find out whether parachute sails are a real technology.
Exodus: Gods and Kings movie
 Christian Bale Faces Off Against Rhamses in the Exodus: Gods and Kings Trailer
War  |  Check out the first trailer for the Ridley Scott biblical epic.
Selma movie
 David Oyelowo Leads the March as MLK in the Selma Movie Trailer
Political  |  The story of the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches also stars Oprah, Common and Tom Wilkinson.
American Sniper movie
 Bradley Cooper Takes Aim in American Sniper Trailer
War  |  Clint Eastwood directs Bradley Cooper in the role of Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in U.S. history.
Manhattan TV showManhattan: History vs. Hollywood
War  |  WGN America's TV show about the Manhattan Project uses real history as the backdrop for its mostly fictional characters.
Unbroken movie
 Unbroken Trailer Displays Unbreakable Spirit of Louis Zamperini
War  |  The real-life Zamperini passed away on July 2 at age 97.
Game of Thrones TV showHow Much of Game of Thrones is CGI? Plenty.
War  |  It makes you wonder how much of what we see in movies and on TV is real vs. computer generated.

ALL TRUE STORY War / Political Movies
Go behind enemy lines as we present our research into true war movies. Here, you will also find political movies inspired by true stories. Whether it's a mission to rescue civilians trapped in a country that has turned hostile like in Argo, or a ferocious battle to stop the Persian invasion of Greece like in 300, war movies based on true stories often provide a suspense-filled, unflinching glimpse at what it's like to be on the tripwire of death, facing constant fear while functioning on adrenaline and the desire for self-preservation. Of course, some movies only embrace the heroism and explosions, while leaving out the brutal reality. We attempt to confirm the truth and fill in the gaps.
We compare the Manhattan TV show to real life at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project.
The Railway Man
Colin Firth portrays Eric Lomax, a WWII POW who tracks down one of his former captors for closure.
300: Rise of an Empire
It's a bloody, sexy, violent spectacle, but how much of the 300 sequel is true?
The Monuments Men
Does director George Clooney paint over the facts with too much fiction?
The Imitation Game
Is this Alan Turing biopic cryptic when it comes to the truth?
Kill the Messenger
Does Kill the Messenger kill the truth?
Lone Survivor
Mark Wahlberg fights for his life, but does the truth hold up in the onscreen version of the battle.
Lee Daniels' The Butler
Does The Butler serve up the truth or mostly fiction?
Does the Diana movie reproduce the truth as well as it does the fashion?
Captain Phillips
Climb aboard Tom Hanks's character's cargo ship as we explore the facts behind Captain Phillips.
Go undercover and discover the truth about the daring escape.
It's full of great fight scenes and lots of blood, but is the story accurate?
Investigate the FBI Agent who betrayed his country, religion and family.
Charlie Wilson's War
Did this congressman single-handedly beat the Soviets?
United 93
Meet the heroes and investigate the story behind the film.
The Pianist
Did you know that director Roman Polanski had himself been a prisoner of the Polish ghetto during WWII?
Men of Honor
Meet the real Navy diver who lost his leg but not his ability to overcome his circumstances.
Schindler's List
As a result of refusing to obey, he saved the lives of nine hundred.
Not Without My Daughter
Meet the mother and daughter who escaped from Iran.