How Much of Game of Thrones is CGI? Watch This Video to Find Out.

Game of Thrones CGI vs. Real - VideoThe CGI in Game of Thrones is not just limited to the dragons and White Walkers. Watch the VFX video below for a closer look at just how much CGI was used in season four.


Have you ever wondered how much of what you’re seeing in a movie or on your favorite TV show is real and how much was created on a computer through CGI? Does it matter? This Game of Thrones VFX video offers an eye-opening look at season four of the wildly popular HBO TV show. You’ll quickly realize that many of the show’s breathtaking landscapes exist only in pixel format. So, if you’ve thought about visiting some of the grand castles and elaborate Westeros filming locations, unfortunately, many of them don’t quite exist in reality. The Game of Thrones CGI vs. Reality video below was produced by Mackevision, just one of the companies that works on Game of Thrones visual effects.